We are East of Eden, a Brooklyn-based videography team of two, eager to tell your unique love story.

We believe in the powerful, inexplicable nature of love and the beauty that surrounds committing to share your life with another person. We understand that love unfolds within the intricate details of sharing your soul with another. We want to capture the details, both great and small, of your unique love story on your wedding day, as you begin your life together.



We are East of Eden.

Tina + Ben // cinematographers, owners


We are a couple in love who know how to tell a dang good story about couples in love. We are admittedly total-opposites, or rather, two sides of the same creative coin. We are balancing forces between emotional and cynical; technical and artistic. We want to film what matters to you and would say our work is more documentary style, focused on filming how you naturally interact with one another. We don’t want to pose you, we want to be there like it’s a big double date (only we have cameras). We’re just trying to keep it fun, you know?





// filmed by tina

to say that Ben is obsessed with surfing would be the understatement of the year. If he is not at his desk editing a cinematic piece of art for his couples, it’s because he is out in the water at Rockaway Beach. Even if the water is thirty degrees.


// filmed by ben

she is a wild optimist and hopeless romantic - the softest mush of a person with a love for just about everything. If she isn’t responding to your inquiries, you can generally find her on the sand with a camera in hand (and an excellent snack variety in her bag).


It feels only appropriate when telling about who we are and how we got started in the wedding industry that we share this video with you.

If you have us tell your story, trust us when we say your film will not be cheesy or embarrassing like what you are about to watch.

This is the first film we ever made together, a few summers back, about two months after we met on the first trip Ben took to NYC (we began dating long distance like crazy kids in madly in love would).

We shared it to social media and one connection led to another and we started editing and eventually shooting weddings together. This video isn't just a highlight of our beginning as a couple, but the start of our video venture together. Even though it was filmed on iPhone and edited in iMovie, just having this video to remember the beauty and joy of falling in love drives us to create cinematic, meaningful films for our couples.

Like we said.. it is embarrassing. You know what isn’t embarrassing? The films we create for our clients.

see for yourself.