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- Films for you and yours


Beyond merely recording the events of the day and stitching them together, the wedding films we deliver will highlight the details, and the emotion within your unique love story.


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We are East of Eden, a Brooklyn-based videography team of two, eager to tell your unique love story.


We believe in the powerful, inexplicable nature of love and the beauty that surrounds committing to share your life with another person. We believe that love truly leaves one feeling marvel, astonishment, awe and wonder. We understand that love unfolds within the intricate details of sharing your soul with another. We want to capture the details, both great and small, of your unique love story on your wedding day, as you begin your life together.





Benjamin Doughty (Ben)

I grew up on the east coast of Florida, and got my start in video as I pieced together surf highlights from daily sessions. My passion for surfing grew into a knack for video as it encapsulated those blissful and exhilarating moments when I was able to experience the power and beauty of the ocean. I grew up in a family of musicians and have a background working in audio mixing, needless to say the audio element of video is just as much a priority as the visual. I understand the significance sound plays in creating moments with depth and feeling. I look forward to setting the rhythm to one of your life’s most special days.

I will do my best to film what matters to you and carefully piece together the details that will cinematically bring your day to life forever. And although I generally emphasize the technical side of videography, I am a light-hearted romantic and I am excited to celebrate with you on your day. I will be there, ready to film, tell a silly joke, bust a move, and eat all of the food. Cheers!


Christina Rosado (Tina)

My entire being glows when I get a glimpse of the love two people can have for one another. I love to see and experience the unique quirks and styles different love stories have. I strive to capture the details that make your eyes light up and your stomach fill with butterflies, the details that make your heart feel at home. I have a background in visual and interpersonal communication, so I place an emphasis on the real and honest interactions that happen between a couple, as well as between family and friends.

I look forward to getting to know you both and getting to capture what makes your love, your love. If I’m not filming, the odds are pretty high that I am people watching and crying over the sweet, intimate moments naturally unfolding between lovers or families. That said, I am probably one of the cheesiest, corniest human beings around but my work does not exude cheese, I promise (unless you like cheese, then I am sure we can figure something out).